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The head of one New York officers union defended Sessions for denouncing de Blasio’s sanctuary city policy. But some officers already feel that major changes enacted over the past four years haven’t been recognized, and the attorney general’s comments added salt to the wound. Crime continues to go down; the city had the fewest shootings ever in 2016, and barely missed a record low for murders..

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His presentation focused on the changingnature of global shipping and the advantages that offshore ports offer, particularly in Africa andthe USA, two of the regions that would most benefit from increased capacity.According to Mr Pluijm, the offshore port finds its origin in the mining industry. The concept entailsoffshore facilities for handling large volumes of dry bulk, like iron ore and coal.Pluijm: ships get increasingly larger, it’s necessary to look offshore in parts of the Africa and the USA to find sufficient water depth to accommodate these ships. For example, Capesize vessels require a water depth of 20 25m, which may only be found 10 to 15 kilometres offshore.

$99 gets you the KTTC Golf Tour Card. With this limited edition card, you’ll be able to play one 18 hole round at each of 12 participating southern Minnesota courses.Dodge Country ClubDodge Country ClubWelcome to the Dodge Country Club The Dodge Country Club is a fantastic mix of scenic views, challenging holes and a relaxed atmosphere that golfers often seek but rarely find.Welcome to the Dodge Country Club The Dodge Country Club is a fantastic mix of scenic views, challenging holes and a relaxed atmosphere that golfers often seek but rarely find.Eastwood Golf CourseEastwood Golf CourseEastwood Golf Club offers 18 holes of golf that wind through pine, maple and oak trees, with challenging elevation changes that add to the natural beauty of the course. Marshes and ponds are located in key areas of the course.Eastwood Golf Club offers 18 holes of golf that wind through pine, maple and oak trees, with challenging elevation changes that add to the natural beauty of the course.