Look for someone who has a professional license

Look for someone who has a professional license or registration, or has at least one certification involving lighting. That person will work with you to develop a lighting design solution that is appropriate for your needs and will prepare written specifications. Using these, you can then solicit competitive bids from local electrical contractors.

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Are you really ready to become your own boss

What’s your true motivation?

If your answer is “I want to make more money” or “I want my job to be easier,” beware! First off, starting your own business is not easy. It takes a lot of energy and time, so you want to make sure the business you want to start reflects your passion and/or a cause a purpose worth getting up for in the morning. cheap jerseysWithout this, you most likely will burn out or make bad decisions that will stunt your business growth.

I have met a few people out there that “don’t play in the sand box well with others.” This is often the reason they’ve been let go or can’t get a new job, and they shouldn’t assume working for themselves is the answer. Why? Because unless you do a job that is completely independent of others (which is incredibly rare), at some point, you will have a client or vendor you’re going to have to work with and if you can’t be a good partner, your business will never take off.

Can you handle the load?

I recently worked with a client who was known as an expert in his field. He found himself doing contract work with a few individuals, and considered starting his own business until he realized one small problem. He couldn’t stand the thought of a life of networking! A few weeks later, he found himself employed after networking with only one individual he knew from his past.http://www.cheapnfljerseyschinadiscount.com Now, results don’t always happen this quickly! The point is just because he was a respected expert in his industry didn’t mean he was equipped to run his own business.

Do you have an outline and tested strategy?

One reason why so many people don’t find employment is they don’t have a proven strategy to implement. They spend months throwing mud on the wall to see what will stick (resumes to job search sites), with little results. This same approach of just reaching out to anyone and everyone as a business strategy usually yields little to no results. Plan well and do your homework! Building a tested strategy takes time.

If you are considering starting your own business, you need to think hard and ask the tough questions. If you answer “yes” to these questions, you may be built for your own business!

An Unusual Beginning

The 2007 2008 athletic year is finally underway, and it is great to be back. Two weeks into the fall season, and there have already been a fair share of ups and downs, but most importantly there is a confident sense of optimism and expectation that has replaced the old mindset. With a plethora of talented first year players, several new coaches, a nifty new football scoreboard and a brand new soccer field, Oberlin Athletics is really starting to take shape.

Initially, I was having trouble thinking of what to write about for the first editorial of the year. I did not want to be too clich and discuss how every team is about the future and how the looks bright, but I wanted to keep it Oberlin related.

While I considered talking about this season potential, a different idea was unexpectedly handed to me on a silver platter. cheap jerseys I had an opportunity to not only clear up a slight misunderstanding regarding an old editorial from last spring, but to explain Talk a little more.

Two weeks ago, a member of the athletics department shared with me her disappointment concerning my opinions on the makeshift weight room that was moved to the racquetball courts after the 2006 Thanksgiving sauna fire in Philips Gymnasium.

She asked with a hint of sarcasm if I could try writing something nice about Oberlin Athletics for a change. Taken aback by this surprising, albeit long overdue accusation, I was momentarily speechless. Does she honestly believe that I enjoy bashing the school? Does she think I sit all day in my luxurious quad in North, thinking up ways of how I could verbally abuse the college and its sports program, one that I have come to love and proudly represent?

Lulu and I know our column has a limited readership, so why push readers farther away by annoying them with useless blabbering? Your time eating at Stevie or sitting in Mudd reading the paper is precious to us, so we want to attract people with constructive, meaningful opinions.

I tried to explain to her my frustration with the department failure to keep the athletes, let alone the Oberlin community, informed of how long the weight room would be closed and why it appeared there had been minimal repairs to it.

I know criticism will be part and parcel of writing a school wide editorial. I happily accept and welcome it. That is not what bothers me; rather, it was her too quick dismissal of my opinion.

My qualm with the situation was not that students and athletes had to scrunch themselves into weight rooms the size of Dascomb dorm rooms or use weights and machines that are older than I am, but that it was disheartening to continuously arrive at this disheveled place and have no idea what was going on with the old room. Questions like long has it been since the fire? and will the old weight room be up and running? were more common than teenage acne.

I was frustrated out of pride. I watched coaches bringing prospective athletes to the gym, showing them our I wondered how impressed they were. Part of me also just wanted to get a new weight room because that would be the perfect addition to the athletic program.

But luckily, that built up tension is all in the past. Oberlin finally reopened the old weight room and much to my surprise, fixed it up a little.www.cheapjerseys13.com For those who have not checked it out yet, it is more spacious and it even has new 20 pound dumbbell weights! No, but seriously, it looks a lot better.

While a new weight room will always be a desire of mine, I have finally made my peace with that situation. It is all in the past.

This editorial is not a pledge saying I will not bring up argumentative points concerning athletics in the future, but that my opinions have an ultimate goal: to provide insight from an athlete who also wants to improve athletics at this school.

But for now, it is a new year, and after stepping onto the two million dollar stadium and putting on the new, sharp, white jerseys, I have nothing else to say for now.