One of the first scientists to receive

One of the first scientists to receive a DSc award from the University of Bath has died. Dr Peter Winteringham studied chemistry and microbiology at the Merchant Venturers’ College of Technology, the for runner of the University, graduating in 1937. In a successful scientific career, he pioneered the earliest research that identified carcinogenic substances in cigarette smoke and led the way for radioisotopes to be used to trace the action and pathways of various chemicals in microbes, plants and animals.

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His helps you to save a lot of time

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team in Olympic qualifiers at LP Field

But rarely have the words appropriate been attached to him.

Blessed with talent beyond his years, he joined Major League Soccer in 2004 as a 14 year old, the youngest to sign a professional contract in 100 years. But his development as a player came in fits and starts as he worked against players sometimes twice his age in what can be a demanding, physical league.

He made a big money move to Europe and then struggled for the playing time that would make him better, bouncing between Portugal, France, Greece and Turkey, and playing just 50 times in four years. He returned to MLS in August, and got a team that not only wanted him but also gave him consistent playing time.

Still young at 22 and still developing as a player, he ready to star for the United States. youth national teams, he shined. As part of the Under 17 and Under 20 teams, he scored more than 30 goals including hat tricks in two different youth World Cups.

Ask him about his grizzled veteran status after a decade of starring for youth teams, and he laughs. He still adjusting to being the one who others look to on an Under 23 team preparing to qualify for the Olympics with three matches at LP Field over the next eight days.

actually kinda weird. I not used to it yet. I always been one of the youngest guys on the team, Adu says. this is my age group. My birth year is the cutoff year. I am one of the oldest guys, so I have to bring that leadership. the same well mannered kid he always been, but there a glint of confidence. Maybe it the giant diamond stud in his ear. Maybe it the faux hawk hairstyle he starting to grow. This is a guy who looks like he coming into his own.

not the guy that just walks up to people and tells them what to do. I usually the smallest guy on the field so they might beat me up, he says, chuckling. try to help them by leading by example. And that something I gotten much better at over the last couple of years. I wasn always great at that. coach Caleb Porter attacking system. Playing as an attacking winger at the top of a 4 3 3 formation, he is being given free rein to create.

really does give us that freedom to be flexible and not just restrict us to one side of the field or whatever, Adu says. likes us moving around and finding spaces here and there. He wants us to play. And as soccer players, everybody loves it. It really fun to play for him and be part of that. teams are almost, by definition, all star teams. So when they assemble it a crash course in chemistry. The camp for these matches is a relatively long eight days before their first game on Thursday night. But even with an extra few days, nothing can replace the day in day out bond that a good club team establishes.

you with your club team, you around these guys every single day, and you establish a lot of chemistry, Adu said. once you leave and join the national team, you don have a lot of time to train together, so everything has to come together quickly. Coming in, you have to be ready. Your mind gotta be sharp. You have to be mentally prepared to get to know your teammates quickly. It not always the same guys coming in all the time, so you gotta be ready for that. And the hardest part is always scoring goals. You need a lot of chemistry to do that movement off the ball, timing and everything. will expect to win its group and qualify for London they qualified for every games but one since 1976. And Adu realizes that performing well could put him in the mix for the senior national team that begins qualifying for the 2014 World Cup this year.

if you do well and the team does well, it increases your chances of being with the men team and hopefully getting a chance to play in a World Cup, he said. men coach] Jurgen [Klinnsman] is watching. He going to be watching the games, and he going to be getting feedback from here as well. We all gotta come in here and really work. But first things first, man. Gotta get out there on the field and play, and everything will take care of itself. longer the prodigy with all of the baggage that entails Adu can simply be described as just the right age.