Talking about potential challenges

Talking about potential challenges, Dr. Steven M. Scott, the chair of the Board of Trustees, said UF and Nation have national brand recognition, but that attention usually involves football, basketball or some other sport. Played with a lot of great players: Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, Grant Hill, says the Wizards guard. Wallace name belongs in that list too, but for some reason people don think of him as the kind of player whose name belongs on the marquee. I don understand why.

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to open Feb

GARFIELD COUNTY, Colo. Colorado Department Transportation officials said I 70 through Glenwood Canyon would open to two way traffic beginning Feb.

“We’re hopeful that by opening the highway to 24/7 two way travel, we will see an easing in the congestion that has been present during the single lane configuration,” CDOT Region 3 Transportation Director David Eller said. “It’s important travelers understand that just like any other construction project with traffic control there will still be delays, some possibly exceeding an hour during peak travel times. The reason we still need to control traffic with pilot cars is safety.”

PACE CAR OPERATIONS: Eastbound traffic: is slow rolled in the one lane configuration starting at Exit 116 (Glenwood Springs) all the way to Grizzly Creek rest area where a flagger is present and a pace car picks up traffic.

Westbound traffic: is slow rolled into one lane starting at Exit 129 (Bair Ranch) all the way to the east side of the Hanging Lake Tunnel bore (also manned by a flagger) where vehicles will be picked up by the pace car and escorted through. The pace car operation is manned by Colorado State Patrol and traffic control. At any time, four six pace cars will be escorting cars through.

The pace cars will be used to control the speed and flow of traffic through the restricted area, but in this configuration volumes should clear more efficiently.

Delays of up to an hour or more should still be expected in this configuration.

Updates will continue to be and recorded on the 511 phone line.

The Grizzly Creek, Hanging Lake and Shoshone rest areas will be closed for the duration of this head to head pace car car operation. Bair Ranch (on the east side) and No Name (west side) rest areas will remain open. The Glenwood Canyon Bike Path remains closed as well. (Please note, local traffic coming from the west can travel as far as No Name; local traffic from the east can travel as far as Bair Ranch.)

ALTERNATE ROUTES/TRAFFIC IMPACTS:Front Range motorists/Summit County/westbound motoristsCO 9 (Silverthorne) to US 40 (Steamboat Springs) west on US 40 (Craig) south to CO 13 (Rifle)

Eagle County/westbound motoristsCO 131 at Wolcott to Steamboat Springs, west on US 40 to Craig, then south on CO 13 to Rifle and back to I 70. This is a 203 mile alternate route that will take about three hours and 50 minutes to travel. This detour adds 146 miles and about three hours to a regular trip from Wolcott to Rifle on I 70, which is 67 miles or about 45 minutes.

South alternate routeUses US 50. Access to US 50 is available via Grand Junction for eastbound drivers and for westbound drivers by way of US 24/285 through the Salida area from the Front Range. (Please note, there is construction on US 24 over Trout Creek Pass east of Johnson Village in Chaffee County into early March; some blasting and up to 30 minute delays may be encountered.)

Cottonwood Pass in Eagle County and Independence Pass are both closed and not available as alternate routes. Frying Pan Road and Hagerman Pass are not recommended alternate routes.

posts first photo with Niall Horan

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and the Flint Firebirds hit the road early and often

Being the new kids on the block can sometimes come with a cost, and in the case of the Flint Firebirds it meant logging lots of miles early on for a favorable home schedule.

The Ontario Hockey League released its 2015 16 regular season schedule on Thursday and Flint will play five of its first six games away from Perani Arena and Event Center, a number that blooms to 10 of its first 15 games on the road as the season progresses into October.

“Your weekend dates, especially your Fridays and your Saturdays, can be difficult because there is obviously a lot of opportunity to spend their disposable income dollars watching other sports,” said Terry Christensen, the Firebirds’ general manager. “Especially in the fall, you want to try and stay away from some of the home dates if possible.”

That meant requesting home games on weekends for later in the fall and winter months, “and we almost got 100 percent of what we wanted,” Christensen said, but resulted in early stretches that send the team on lengthy trips.

After a home and home series with Saginaw on Sept. 24 and 26 to start the season, Flint hits the road for four straight games, playing at Owen Sound, Erie, Mississauga and Sault Ste. Marie, before closing the month of October with another four game road stretch.

“It’s nice to go on the road and bring your team together and give them an opportunity to spend some time where it’s just the team, away from some of the distractions you have at home,” Christensen said.

Things begin to turn around in November, when Flint hosts seven of its 11 games that month at Perani, including stretches of three and four game home stands that include games against Eastern Conference opponents Barrie and Oshawa,cheap jerseys the defending Memorial Cup champions, and a Thanksgiving eve matchup against Saginaw.

Flint will play divisional opponents Saginaw and Sarnia eight times each during the 68 game regular season, and other division opponents Windsor and the Soo six times each.

“When you take a look at proximity, 33 percent of our road games are within an hour hour and 15 (minutes) from our building,” Christensen said. “It doesn’t get any better than that. Think about it four games in Saginaw, four games in Sarnia, three games in Windsor. It sets up pretty good for us that way.”

Said team president Costa Papista, in a statement: “We literally play 26 of our 34 home games on non school nights. This allows us to truly accommodate families and our younger fans. By design, our schedule avoids the majority of Genesee County high school football Friday night games. We are hopeful that the community will embrace Saturday night as hockey night in Flint and Genesee County.”

The most daunting part of the season could come in mid January when Flint plays five straight on the road, including trips to Peterborough, Kingston and Ottawa. After that, though, things begin to even out.

Flint will play seven home games in the month of February and six in March, closing the regular season with eight of its final 11 games at Perani Arena.